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It seem, that I was preparing myself for this the entire life.

It was in my womb for more than two years.

And finally it is born, just recently.

HUMAN TREE project.

I‘m Lithuanian artist, who lived some time in US.

The first thing I did when I got back home after 12 years living in US, was walk in the woods.

I walked and walked everyday, until I fulfilled my hunger.

Being between the trees healed me, comforted me, hugged and loved.

It is possible to have relationship with a tree.

Not that there are no trees in US, there are.

It‘s a matter of being among my own.

My trees grow on the land my ancestors lived and walked.

When I stand next to the trees, I think of them walking the same paths and touching the same
trees I touch.

I feel the connection to them through the trees.

Trees remember all of it the sounds, the touches, everything is imprinted in them.

They are the ones who can tell me of ME.

HUMAN TREE project is about these tree mandalas. They are given to us so we can remember who we really are.

In Lithuanian the word art is MENAS. And it means to remember.

The word MANDALA is mano dalia. And it means my destiny.

HUMAN TREE project is about remembering our true destiny.

These images of the tree are about harmony, oness with ourselves.

They lead us from outside to inside.

You don‘t need to do anything special.

Just look at them.

Just be in the space where they are.

Just let yourself be.